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Gregorian Calendar

A Gregorian calendar enables us to see what day of the week our babies were born. This means that we can see that:

  1. If you gave birth on a Wednesday and signed 5 days later, as per law, and left hospital on day five, then we must have signed on day 3, a Friday, as social workers did not work on weekends or public holidays. You should have signed on day 6 - Monday.
  2. If you gave birth on a Tuesday, then you had to remain in hospital until Monday signing 7 days later to make your signature legal. If not then you signed on day 4 - a Friday.

Download this Gregorian Calendar program. It will display any year from 1582 to 2400. It also displays the Julian calendar and provides printouts or files of either.

Or, just load any years of interest below.

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