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Visit our sister group CLAN, Care Leavers of Australia Network

Our sister group CLAN has gained a Federal inquiry into abuse

Looking For Someone? - Visit Oz Reunion

Queensland Mental Health Association

Dr Trevor Jordan's Applied Ethics Page

Create Foundation - Opportunities for Children

Mothers Exploited By Adoption

Adopted Vietnamese International

Adoptee Searchers Handbook

Adoptee Searchers Handbook - Australia

Adoptee Searchers Handbook - Adoption Implications

Lina Eve, Artist, Adoption Down Under

Genseek Australia - Adoption Information and Notice Board

Australian Human Rights and Civil Rights Papers

The Human Rights Web Home Page

"Cole Babies"

Black Market Adoptee

Bringing Them Home - 22 Adoption

Black Market Adoptee's Registry

Australasian Legal Information Institute

Recent Administrative Appeals Tribunal Decisions

Lawlink NSW

GhostDancer's Anti-Adoption Pages

Support Groups

reFOCUS: Recovering Former Cultists' Support

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