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Thank you for taking the interest to visit our Home Page. Before I introduce you to our organisation, Origins Vic Inc., I would like to acknowledge that without the tremendous work carried out by previous organizations who lobbied and fought hard to change adoption legislation that enabled adopted adults access to identifying information, our own organization, Origins Inc. might not have evolved. It was the hope that we may finally be permitted to meet the children born to us that became the key to our freedom. It allowed many of us to begin facing the nightmare of our past and to begin seeing clearly for the first time.

Had legislation not been passed, we may never have been prompted to delve into and uncover the illicit activities of the adoption industry - and history would have continued to write of the decades between the 1950's and 1980's as being the only period in the history of humankind where young mothers defied nature itself and 'willingly' surrendered their own newborns en-masse to strangers. Our aim is to set the record straight.

Origins Vic Inc., along with Origins Tasmania, was founded in 1996 after joining with Origins NSW, established a year earlier by a small group of mothers who, like us, having lost their children to adoption were being continuously re-traumatised each time so-called experts and health professionals minimised and invalidated the severe emotional anguish trauma and grief left in the wake of their adoption experience. Assuming that we as mothers should have accepted the loss of our living babies - as if it were possible to do that.

Along with the perpetual violation we felt in having so-called adoption professionals and others justifying and exonerating themselves of their own complicity in this scandalous practice that had preyed upon our vulnerable state when we were too young and too oppressed to know how to fight this wicked system, we decided enough was enough.

With everyone adroitly avoiding the truth at our expense, we realised that by remaining silent we had inadvertently become the "keepers of the lie" and we knew that until mothers began speaking out publicly about their abusive and inhuman treatment - the myths, lies and deceit upon which adoption has thrived, would continue to harm the emotional well-being of our children, and we as their mothers would be colluding in our own abuse.

Having researched, we discovered that losing our babies had been entirely avoidable had our legal rights not been contravened. So we made the illicit adoption practices and the subsequent trauma the focal point of our organisation. The law was the only weapon we had to force people to bother to listen to us instead of minimising and dismissing our plight. We have uncovered much more deceit and corruption than we originally expected to.

Reading this Home Page will open your eyes to what will come to be seen as a shocking, socially engineered program of separating babies from their mothers at birth. Having nothing whatsoever to do with the interest of the newborn infant.

Aims And Objectives

Our additional objectives to the ones listed below are, to lobby the Victorian Government to amend the Victorian Identifying Information Act to bring it into line with all other states by providing the same reciprocal right of accessing identifying information to mothers as are afforded all adult adoptees in Victoria. Additionally, our aim is to bring about a Government Inquiry to address the unlawful adoption practices of the past so that healing can finally begin for all people harmed by those practices.

Support:To provide confidential support and information through: a telephone service available to people separated by adoption and regular support meetings where mothers have the freedom to speak and be heard in a safe place.

Healing: To promote the process of healing the emotional damage caused by adoption separation and secrecy.

Reunion: To assist in the reunion of family members separated by adoption.

Awareness:To promote community awareness and understanding of the lifelong consequences and social issues associated with adoption separation.

Research: To encourage and promote research in to the mental health consequences and social issues associated with adoption.

Redress: To seek acknowledgement, validation, accountability and redress for negligent adoption practices.

Reform: To encourage and promote legislative, social and administrative reforms that address the needs of the people already separated by adoption, and which promote systems of secure, alternative child care that respect the ongoing needs and dignity of both mother and child as an alternative to permanent separation.

Liaison: To liaise with any Government departments or other agency, body or individual who may assist in promoting the aims and objectives of Origins.

Newsletter: To offer our members a quarterly newsletter.

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